Troy Walmart Supercenter

2001 W Maple Rd, Troy, Michigan
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  • No Overnight Parking

Please Be Considerate

Walmart provides a great store with ample parking to accomodate RVs. Many even allow travellers to park and catch a few hours of rest (depending on city ordinances). Please use common courtesy and follow these guidelines to ensure that they will continue to extend this courtesy to us.

  1. Ask the store manager for permission to stay.
  2. Do not stay for multiple days.
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
  4. No grills, chairs, etc. Walmart is not a campground.
  5. Buy your supplies, groceries, etc. in the stores.



“No overnight parking!!”

We called and they informed us there is no overnight parking and warned if we got a ticket it wasn't their fault. 

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