Santa Clarita Walmart Supercenter

26471 Carl Boyer Dr, Santa Clarita, California
8 reviews


  • No Overnight Parking

Please Be Considerate

Walmart provides a great store with ample parking to accomodate RVs. Many even allow travellers to park and catch a few hours of rest (depending on city ordinances). Please use common courtesy and follow these guidelines to ensure that they will continue to extend this courtesy to us.

  1. Ask the store manager for permission to stay.
  2. Do not stay for multiple days.
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
  4. No grills, chairs, etc. Walmart is not a campground.
  5. Buy your supplies, groceries, etc. in the stores.


Stayed: 12/05/17 to 12/06/17

Overnight parking ok, huge parking, very quiet and safe, some travellers in RV, good wifi
Stayed: 10/18/17 to 10/19/17

“No problem overnighting”

There were a lot of people in cars, didn't see any RVs. I rented a van to try boondocking. No hassle, slept until 8:30, shopped, left. 

“Well lit, reasonably quiet, great for the price :-)”

Clean, well lit, fairly flat. Noisiest thing was the RV a few sites down running a generator til 1.30am.  Guy at Sam's Club fuel across the road even gave us fuel at member prices.

“Great Walmart!”

Prettier and quieter than some paid sites I've been to! I called first and was told one night parking is NO problem!

Note: Free dump station 5 miles away at Shell Station in Santa Clarita at 23502 Newhall Avenue!

“It is allowed”

You can just stand there, i asked the store Manager she told me it is ok
Stayed: 06/05/16 to 06/06/16

“Call first”

I called and they told me that you have 24 hours. Very nice Walmart.

“Do no park overnight ”

They do not allow overnight parking, they have security going down each parking lane all throughout the day making it safe or pressure if you know your not supposed to be parked there for a long period of time. 

They do not allow overnight or even all day parking.  I called on 11/6/2015

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