Roswell Walmart Supercenter

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4500 N Main St Ste A, Roswell, New Mexico
(575) 623-2062
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  • Overnight Parking

Please Be Considerate

Walmart provides a great store with ample parking to accomodate RVs. Many even allow travellers to park and catch a few hours of rest (depending on city ordinances). Please use common courtesy and follow these guidelines to ensure that they will continue to extend this courtesy to us.

  1. Ask the store manager for permission to stay.
  2. Do not stay for multiple days.
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
  4. No grills, chairs, etc. Walmart is not a campground.
  5. Buy your supplies, groceries, etc. in the stores.



“Sam's Club/Walmart Overnight RV Stay”

April 6, 2017: Spent the night at the Sam's Club parking lot.  Checked with customer service to confirm it would be okay - they said "sure, no problem " but just Park on Southside of parking lot - for those directionally  challenged that's the left side when facing the front of the building.  We were the only rv there. In the Walmart lot there were at least six units in the morning.  Our spot was very quiet - very little traffic after 9 p.m.  lot did have a bit of a slope so had to level the unit...

“March 2017”

Good safe spot. 

“Good safe spot ”

Currently just women from a night here.  Parked on Sam's side.  Was very peaceful night.  About 5 other campers with mix of RVs,  caravans and small van like us. The wind has really picked up recently,  around 7.30am -  no wonder the spaceship crashed nearby! 

“Great place to stay”

Pulled in late last night. Shout out to Brian Sam's club for allowing us to spend the night.  Next to Wal-Mart. 

“Quiet & Peaceful”

Stayed on the Sam's Club side of the lot.  No problems or complaints.  Lots nearby.

“Great place”

Can park here overnight. Clean and quiet at night. Stayed  to the left of Sam's club. Walmart is right next door. 

The Sam's Club gas station also has diesel fuel!


Sam's club adjacent to Walmart.  Plenty of flat parking area.  Gas station at Sam's.  Lowest price in Roswell.  

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