Hays Walmart Supercenter

4301 Vine St, Hays, Kansas
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  • Overnight Parking

Please Be Considerate

Walmart provides a great store with ample parking to accomodate RVs. Many even allow travellers to park and catch a few hours of rest (depending on city ordinances). Please use common courtesy and follow these guidelines to ensure that they will continue to extend this courtesy to us.

  1. Ask the store manager for permission to stay.
  2. Do not stay for multiple days.
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
  4. No grills, chairs, etc. Walmart is not a campground.
  5. Buy your supplies, groceries, etc. in the stores.


Stayed: 11/20/17 to 11/21/17

“Thank You Walmart!”

‘‘Twas a long day” heading W/B against some strong winds. We are heading to Oceanside CA this winter from Minden Ontario. Again Walmart has provided an Oasis where we were able to lay over for the night. Happy Thanksgiving to all your employees. 
Stayed: 10/22/17 to 10/23/17

“Just beware the siren....”

First this is a nice lot (I called ahead and they had RVs parking on the north end of the lot) and despite 11 other RVs that I counted the next morning, it was the quietest night at a Walmart I've had so far.  Didn't have to wear earplugs.  

Not level but close enough.  Next morning went in to stock up and spent a little time talking to Linda, a cashier, who was helpful and friendly.  There's a grassy strip along the side for dog walking and trash cans are up nearer the entrance.

I am ending up staying through the day waiting for some parts to come in to deal with a vapor lock issue and I have to warn you - Mondays at noon they always do a test of the storm siren which is right there on the corner.  It's loud and scary.  The whole morning I had been buffeted by 25 mph winds with 40 mph gusts so when it went off I FREAKED.  Have two pets and didn't know what to do - if I leashed and packed them up would they let me in with them?  Was it for real?  Didn't see anything about tornados on the weather... 

So after having a mild heart attack I managed enough presence of mind to find and dial Walmart's number and they reassured me it was just the normal weekly test.  Sigh.  Seriously.  They are probably still laughing at me :-)
Stayed: 10/09/17 to 10/10/17

“Safe Haven or Weary Travelers”

Great place! Safe and quiet all night. Well lit and close to level. Manager was friendly and welcoming. There were about 10 RVs in the area we settled and still there was plenty of space. The weather was cold and windy so we were all thankful to be off the roads. What a blessing to find a safe place to spend the night. Seems we always need something extra so having Walmart right there is great! A cold night required more soup and of course one of their "family sized" chickens. We always shop at Walmart... one way of saying Thank you! 


Not a lot of traffic by the community- there were quite a few other RVs - which we like because feels safer.

“ Yep!”

This lady Traveler will stay again if travelin out west.
Stayed: 10/15/15 to 10/16/15

“Another good parking lot”

Popular location with many 'campers' arriving through the evening.  Most parked in the Northern corner of the lot.  The lot is posted 'no semi overnighting' ... there is no problem with RVs.

The lot is very close to level, well lighted and clean.

In Hays, KS, this location is really the only option as the two RV parks in town are of very poor quality.

“Nice and open”

Very crowded when we arrived late in the afternoon with shoppers but was very quiet at night. Nice parking lot. Thanks to Walmart. 

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