Blue Springs Walmart Supercenter

600 Ne Coronado Dr, Blue Springs, Missouri
5 reviews


  • Overnight Parking

Please Be Considerate

Walmart provides a great store with ample parking to accomodate RVs. Many even allow travellers to park and catch a few hours of rest (depending on city ordinances). Please use common courtesy and follow these guidelines to ensure that they will continue to extend this courtesy to us.

  1. Ask the store manager for permission to stay.
  2. Do not stay for multiple days.
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it.
  4. No grills, chairs, etc. Walmart is not a campground.
  5. Buy your supplies, groceries, etc. in the stores.


Stayed: 10/21/17 to 10/22/17

“Clean and Only A Little Noisy”

24 Hour Walmart in a busy shopping district so it ended up being a little noisier than I would have hoped for (people going in and out with loud revving mufflers).  

However otherwise nice area and felt safe despite a storm blowing over - lots of rain, no flooding of the parking lot despite being on the lower end.  It might have been noisier if the storm hadn't come through that night.

Per the person I talked to, park by the gas station but a row or two back as their employees park in that first row. Only two other RVs night I was there.

Grass strip on far side and end for dog walking.  

Learning always best to stock up/shop in mornings when it isn't so crazy! 


Big flat lot in what seems to be a safe area. Lots of shopping and places to eat around. Pretty quiet sleeping for a Walmart. There were some 'no overnight truck parking' signs in the lot but I think they were maybe just referencing not to park close to the store or on the side but rather back by the gas station. There were a few semis parked there with us too. Would stay here again. 


Manager confirms overnight parking allowed, away from store, by gas station. No restrictions against slides or awnings. 

“Called lady said yes by the gas station ”


Great Supercenter, xtra-Large, quiet parking lot. Easy access to I-70. Several restaurants across the road and adjacent to a large shopping center. Walmart gas station in front parking lot. 

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